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Pomegranate Juice: Superfood or Super Imposter?

Soy, gingsing extract, wheatgrass… Let’s be honest – we’ve all been suckered in by the media hype on the “superfood of the week” syndrome. It’s exciting to think that simply by adding certain foods to our diet we can cure what ails us. The trick is distinguishing between the hype and the stuff that actually [...]


Are You Using This Healthy Food Imposter?

Oh my Gawd!!! It’s the phrase we uttered most during our holiday BestBrands shopping spree. Yes, your trusted food sleuths were regularly freaked out by the plethora of Healthy Food Imposters they found lurking on grocery store shelves from coast to coast. With so many foods and drinks trying to pass themselves off as “healthy,” [...]


Ocean Spray’s Energy Drink Imposter

Feeling bogged down and listless? You might be tempted to reach for Ocean Spray’s new line of “energy drinks” called Cranergy. They’ve been heavily hyped in funny TV ads as cranberry juice infused with natural energizing vitamins! So, why are Ocean Spray’s cranberries suddenly more energizing than before?  Are they magic cranberries?  Apparently the newfound [...]