Powerhouse Meals

Best-Ever Breakfast: It’s Fast ‘n Tasty, Too!

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eBrandAid’s Powerhouse PB&J Sandwich

You might call it “Old Reliable” or maybe just “quick and easy” or simply PB&J. It’s peanut butter and jelly – and it’s a lunchtime staple for millions of kids and adults alike. When it comes to popular foods, this creamy-chewy combo of peanut butter and jelly is literally the next best thing since sliced [...]


Powerhouse Tacos In Less Than 15 Minutes!

When you’re talkin’ tacos, you’re not usually talkin’ about a healthy or low-cal meal. Greasy and fattening come to mind! But what if we told you that our food sleuths have uncovered a Mexican feast that’s convenient, super healthy, low-cal and inexpensive? But wait señor, there’s more! You’ll whip up this taco feast at home [...]