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Wed Oct

The Verdict on Vitamin-Infused Juices

Posted in Fruit Juices

Dear Brand Doctor:
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Mon Oct

Whole Grain Cookies – Help or Hype?

Craving a cookie? Go ahead… eat a cookie! Seriously.
The Brand Doctors here at eBrandAid.com never preach total abstinence. What we do urge is that you practice safe snacks. And, what we mean by that is you should opt for the cookies that are still great-tasting, but don’t contain a bunch of junk ingredients.

Abstinence from anything you desire is unrealistic, inflexible, and frankly no fun. So, if you’re going to indulge every once in a while, you might as well choose the cookie that has the least amount of preservatives, additives, and harmful ingredients. We recommend that you go for the ones that use mostly real, all-natural ingredients.
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Thu Oct

Is Your Favorite Yogurt Really Healthy?

Posted in Dairy Foods

News Flash: Healthy Food Imposter Yogurts are Running Rampant in Your Local Grocery Store’s Dairy Case – Film at 11:00!

It’s probably not that big of a news scoop that there are a zillion varieties of yogurt to choose from. But you may be surprised to learn that 4-in-5 brands make misleading label claims. Does your favorite yogurt promise you the world, but fail to deliver because they mix in junk ingredients that can do more harm than good?
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Tue Oct

Butter vs. Butter Substitutes – Which is Healthier?

Posted in Dairy Foods

Butter or butter substitute? It’s an age-old debate that remains a very hot topic for health-minded consumers.

The staunch butter backers wouldn’t dream of touching the fake stuff.

Meanwhile, hard-line supporters of wanna-be butters are more convinced than ever that the real thing will harm your health!
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