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Tue Oct

Pomegranate Juice: Superfood or Super Imposter?

Posted in Superfoods

Soy, gingsing extract, wheatgrass… Let’s be honest – we’ve all been suckered in by the media hype on the “superfood of the week” syndrome. It’s exciting to think that simply by adding certain foods to our diet we can cure what ails us.

The trick is distinguishing between the hype and the stuff that actually helps!
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Mon Oct

Label Trickery: Finding a Healthy Apple Sauce

Posted in Kid's Foods

Remember the good old days? Those simpler times when TV moms like Carol Brady didn’t break a sweat while whipping up pork chops and apple sauce for her pack of six almost-perfect kids.

OK, so Bobby, Peter and Greg may have sported striped pants and Afros, but life was less complicated. You – or your maid Alice – could walk into the corner store and EASILY find a healthy apple sauce because there were far fewer food varieties to choose from.

While we’re happy saying goodbye to feathered hair and leisure suits, we now struggle with selecting the truly healthy varieties from trusted brands that have been around, well, longer than a man named Brady!
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Fri Oct

Label Trickery: What ‘Light’ Really Means

Posted in Nutrition Labels

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That holds true for everything, from that new diet pill that promises to help you lose weight without exercising or eating less, to the big-letter label claims on your favorite foods and beverages.
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Thu Oct

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Who Do You Believe?

Dear Brand Doctor,
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