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Health Bars

Nutrition Bars: Advantage or Disadvantage?

Dear Brand Doctor,


Fiber One Chewy Bars: Friend or Foe?

Praise… deception…distrust. Sounds like a soap opera plot synopsis. But these three words perfectly describe the way our food sleuths felt after investigating General Mills Fiber One cereal and its black sheep brother, General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bar When we last left off… The BrandAid SilverMedal distinction was being awarded to Fiber One cereal. [...]


Avoid Sleazy Breakfast Bars

With their intoxicating promise-you-anything slogans and shimmery wrappers, they’re hard to resist. But hanging around too many “breakfast bars” will leave you with nothing but a broken heart and a major dietary hangover! Many popular brand name food manufacturers have mixed up a number of chewy cocktails of refined grains and garbage ingredients disguised as [...]


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