Instant Rice: Naughty or Nice?

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Some rice is nice, some is very nice, and some is just downright bad for you! But how do you know which is which? There’s brown rice, white rice, instant rice, slow-cooking rice… the list goes on and on.

Well, have no fear. The Brand Doctors are here with the instant breakdown.

For starters, white rice ain’t so nice. Over-processing has removed all the nutritional benefits like germ and bran. Plus, it’s a quick-release carb, which causes mood fluctuations and adds empty calories to your meal. Total buzz kill.

Brown rice, on the other hand, is just plain nice! It’s the kind of carbohydrate you want to spend some time with and get to know a little better. It’s got everything you’d ever want in a whole grain. It’s naturally low in fat, it’s rich in fiber, and it’s packed with vitamins and minerals.

Plus, brown rice is a slow-release carb and that helps to increase production of the brain’s happy juice, a substance scientists like to call serotonin. So, with just a half cup, you’ll feel fuller and happier longer – and you’ll be fighting heart disease! Brown rice just might be the new Prozac. Hmmm….could there be a grain of truth to that sentiment?

Reality Check

Here’s the rub. Although the slow-cooking brown rice provides the most nutrition, it’s also going to take the most time to cook. Got 30 minutes or more to wait for your next meal?

Don’t fret. Your trusty Food Sleuths cornered a gem of a product in the rice aisle. It’s a truly healthy fast-cooking brown rice that will get you to your happy place in about 90 seconds!


Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Whole Grain Brown


(1 cup, 220 cals, 3g fat, 5mg sodium, 2g fiber, 5g protein)

Ingredients: Water, Parboiled Whole Grain Brown Rice, Canola Oil and/or Sunflower Oil.

This variety from Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice line is a great choice when convenience is a must. Here’s why:

  • The ingredients are few and there are no chemical additives.
  • It’s extremely low in sodium and it has a good amount of fiber (2 grams) and protein (5 grams).
  • And here’s the best part – it cooks up in about 90 seconds in the microwave. Or, if the stove top is your preference, you’re only looking at a few minutes!

We think Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice is a keeper! So, be sure to stock up so it’ll be on hand when you’re pressed for time or you just need a shot of happy!

Caution: Most of the other varieties of the Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice line are full blown Healthy Food Imposters PACKED with sodium and chemical additives. Be sure you’re choosing the BestBrand – the Whole Grain Brown Rice variety.
Tune in next Wednesday, when we’ll provide a no-fail set of guidelines for choosing the healthiest slow-cooking rice at the grocery store. And as always, we’ll serve up on a silver platter the brand name slow-cooking rices that have earned the Brand Doctor’s BestBrands Stamp of Approval!

Remember, when you’re armed with a little eBrandAid know-how, you’re in control at the grocery store.

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