Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you consult with a health-care professional before starting any new nutrition or weight-loss program to determine the proper foods for your specific needs, or if you have questions about your health in general.

About the eBrandAid Service

Q: What is eBrandAid?
A: eBrandAid is a free daily blog and  a weekly enewsletter that aims to teach shoppers how to find the healthiest and best-tasting foods in their local grocery stores. We teach shoppers how to decode food labels in order to spot “healthy food imposters” packed with preservatives, chemicals, and artificial ingredients that are known to contribute to chronic disease and obesity.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Anyone with a valid e-mail can sign up for the eBrandAid service. Simply use the sign up box in the upper right hand corner.  

Q: Is there a charge to sign up for the eBrandAid e-mail newsletters?
A: No. A subscription to eBrandAid is free – so tell all of your friends about it too.

Q: Will you share my e-mail or personal information with others?
A. Absolutely not. We will never share any of the information you provide, including your e-mail address – everything is kept strictly confidential.

Q: How can I submit a question to the Brand Doctors?
A. You can submit a question to the Brand Doctors on our website.  They are eager to answer your tough questions! And even if your question is not published, the Brand Doctors will make every attempt to answer your questions in a timely fashion.

Q: If eBrandAid doesn’t charge for providing the e-mail newsletters, then how do you make money?
A: We offer paid advertising options  to a variety of companies including food manufacturers.

Q: Can food manufacturers pay for a write-up in any of the eBrandAid blog posts or e-mail newsletters?
A: Absolutely not! All product information and recommendations are based solely and entirely on a strict set of nutritional guidelines developed exclusively by eBrandAid, and not on any form of paid advertising. Food manufacturers cannot pay for a spot on our BestBrands list either, nor can they pay to be taken off our list of “healthy food imposters.” We adhere to this strict editorial policy because our goal is to be every shopper’s trusted source for cutting through the clutter and the label trickery so rampant in the food industry’s packaging  and marketing. We would never endorse, promote, or accept advertising dollars from a food manufacturer that uses junk ingredients.

About the BestBrands

Q: What are BestBrands?
A: We created the term “BestBrands” to describe foods that pack a nutritional punch without all those hidden, harmful junk ingredients that are found in so many popular brand-name foods.

Q: How does a product get on the BestBrands list?
A: To earn the BestBrands Stamp of Approval, a product must adhere to a strict set of eBrandAid guidelines! A product must be free of any of the harmful chemical additives we call “evildoer” or “junk” ingredients. And it must be processed as little as possible – while still maintaining its nutritional value.

Q: There was a list of “best brands” in your book The Last Diet Book Standing. Has this list changed?
A. Yes. The list of “best brands” that we published in The Last Diet Book Standing has changed. We have tightened our standards in terms of which brands/products can now be considered for the eBrandAid list of BestBrands. For instance, a product that has any type of artificial sweeteners, regardless of its overall nutritional value, will not be placed on our BestBrands list. However, these types of products that are still healthy, but contain one of our least favorite ingredients (like an artificial sweetener), can be found on our SilverMedal list.

Q: What exactly is a SilverMedal brand?
A: We recognize that sometimes the healthiest choice might contain one of our least favorite ingredients. While not a BestBrands, we offer products in this group – our SilverMedal distinction – meaning it’s still a good choice, just not the best.

Q: Does price play a role when choosing BestBrands?
A: While price is not a BestBrands criterion, we are always on the lookout for ways to save shoppers money (hey, we work for a living too!). We provide ways to cut costs, whenever possible, by recommending buying in bulk, using coupons, and checking out online shopping resources.

Q: What if my grocery store doesn’t carry one of the BestBrands or even a SilverMedal brand?
A: We know that not all grocery stores are going to carry every product on our BestBrands list or even on our SilverMedal list. Not to worry. We always provide a no-fail set of guidelines that will help you choose the healthiest brands on your local grocery store shelves!

About the Brand Doctor and Her Sleuthing Staff

Q: Who is the Brand Doctor?
A: Kerry McLeod, PSHFC (Practitioner in the Science of Healthy Food Choices), is eBrandAid’s chief Brand Doctor. Kerry became a professional label reader and expert brand selector years ago, after making the major transformation from chocolate-chomping, junk-food junkie to author, Sports Nutrition Certified Instructor, wife, and mother. She is the author of the popular diet and nutrition book The Last Diet Book Standing. Kerry has been a contributing writer for, Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine, and Jezebel magazine.

Q: Is Kerry a real doctor?
A: No. Kerry is not a medical doctor, and does not claim to be. But Kerry is a “PSHFC (Practitioner in the Science of Healthy Food Choices)” – a term we created to describe the work we do at eBrandAid. This “degree” means she knows what to buy and what to shun at the grocery store based on the ingredients listed on food packaging. She created eBrandAid in order to pass on this important information to you. Please keep in mind that the eBrandAid service is solely for informational purposes and was designed tohelp shoppers decode food labels  on products found in most grocery stores. It is not intended to replace medical advice or to be a substitute for a physician. Always consult with a medical or health-care professional before starting any new nutrition, weight-loss, or exercise program, or if you have questions about your health in general.

Advertising with eBrandAid

Q: How can I advertise with eBrandAid?
A: Just consult our advertising page and complete the form and an eBrandAid Sales Representative will contact you immediately.