Editorial Policy

All product information and recommendations are based solely and entirely on a strict set of nutritional guidelines developed exclusively by eBrandAid, and not on any form of paid advertising.

Remember, we name names. Both healthy and unhealthy brands may be placed on our blog or e-mail newsletters. Manufacturers cannot pay for a spot on our BestBrands list, nor can they pay to be taken off our list of “healthy food imposters”. We adhere to this strict editorial policy because our goal is to be every shopper’s trusted source for cutting through the clutter and the label trickery so rampant in the food industry. Our mission is to teach shoppers how to be discriminating consumers when it comes to choosing healthy brands at the grocery store.

Please note, that we do accept advertising from food manufacturers – BUT only those who meet our strict BestBrands standards. We would never endorse, promote, or accept advertising dollars from a food manufacturer that uses junk ingredients.

We accept and encourage manufacturers to send samples of their products to eBrandAid’s headquarters for label scouring and tasting by our expert staff. Manufacturers understand that if we identify ingredients we find less than beneficial, or if the taste doesn’t meet our discriminating standards, we cannot give it our BestBrands Stamp of Approval. The product might even wind up on our list of “healthy food imposters”.

Please send product samples to the eBrandAid Headquarters:

eBrandAid Inc.
200 West Academy Street, NW
Gainesville, Georgia 30501