Cookies and Cakes

Whole Grain Cookies – Help or Hype?

Craving a cookie? Go ahead… eat a cookie! Seriously.The Brand Doctors here at never preach total abstinence. What we do urge is that you practice safe snacks. And, what we mean by that is you should opt for the cookies that are still great-tasting, but don’t contain a bunch of junk ingredients. Abstinence from [...]


Looky, Looky Great-Tasting, Healthy Cookies!

Got a craving? Try a little TLC… You’ve heard us time and again drag out the tired old cliché, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” Not today. Not when we’re talking about truly tasty cookies that contain the least amount of preservatives, additives, and harmful ingredients and use real, all-natural [...]