Breakfast Cereals

Oatmeal: A Guilt Free Comfort Food

When we think of comfort foods, we conjure up yummy visions of cheesy macaroni, crispy fried chicken or decadent fudge brownies. The common denominator? They’re often fat-filled foods! And then there’s oatmeal – a piping-hot bowl can give you that same warm, fuzzy feeling – minus the guilt. When made right, this guiltless pleasure has [...]


The Facts on Fiber One Cereals

Dear Brand Doctor,


A False Start for a Strong Heart

We all want to start the day with a hardy breakfast that will keep us strong, energized and healthy. So when we’re grocery shopping and we see a cereal whose front label practically screams… “Hey! This is a smart and healthy way to start your day — it’s so smart we even named it Smart [...]


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