Best Brands

In this feature, we take shoppers through the grocery store, aisle by aisle, in search of the healthiest brands – and we’re naming names!

Our experts focus on a single food category (i.e., high fiber cereals, low-carb breads, vitamin-fortified water). Then, we provide a no-fail set of guidelines so that you’ll be able to choose the healthiest brands for the specific food category. And since we’ve already done all the legwork by reading labels and tasting the products, we always serve up on a silver platter our list of brands that have earned the Brand Doctor’s Best Brands Stamp of Approval.

By the way – you might be happy to know that we don’t promote complete abstinence from your favorite less-than-healthy foods, mainly because it’s unrealistic, inflexible, and frankly no fun. We’re talking instead about the big picture, making better brand choices and eating in moderation. In addition, we recognize that sometimes the healthiest choice might contain one of our least favorite ingredients. While not one of the Best Brands, we offer products in this group – our Silver Medal distinction.

We’re convinced shoppers can become confident they’re making the best food choices by learning to use their gut while armed with a little BrandAid know-how. It’s worked for us!

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