About Us

eBrandAid, a shopper’s guide to healthy foods, is a free daily blog and weekly e-newsletter with a single mission:

To teach shoppers how to cut through the clutter at the grocery store in order to find the truly healthy (and tasty) brand-name foods!

There’s no compromising here, because knowing which brands to buy can make or break your nutritional bank! That’s why the “Brand Doctors” at eBrandAid, along with their sleuthing staff, scour grocery store shelves to bring shoppers the best-tasting, most nutritious brand choices, while daringly debunking deceptive food labeling practices.

Each day we serve up no-nonsense insights designed to teach shoppers fast and easy ways to zone in on the healthiest brands, while at the same time spotting those “Healthy Food Imposters” packed with preservatives, chemicals, and artificial ingredients that are known to contribute to chronic disease and obesity.

We’ll teach you how to use our no-fail set of guidelines to make the best and healthiest brand choices that you and your family will love! Plus, we’ll regularly dish out pre-approved lists of BestBrands to make shopping a simple pleasure.

Bottom Line: We strongly believe that information is power! By really knowing what’s in the foods you’re buying (and eating) and understanding what many of the junk ingredients they contain can do to your body, you’ll be armed and ready to make better brand choices for you and your family. You’ll be in control (not food manufacturers) of your nutrition, your health, and your waistline.

It’s time to join thousands of other smart shoppers and jump on the eBrandAid brand wagon. It’s the easiest way for you to start eating healthier and feeling better today!

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